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General Information for a Sick Student

If your student does get ill or injured while at school, the school nurse will notify a parent or guardian and request that your student be picked up within 2 hours. When you are picking up your sick child, please visit the main office to sign out your student. Upon your arrival at school, the nurse will escort the student to the front desk and can answer questions and discuss additional issues during pick up.

Student absences can be reported to the attendance line at 513-779-7778. Please list the student's name, your name, reason for dismissal and the symptoms that your child is experiencing. If your student has been diagnosed with a communicable illness such as Covid-19, please send an email to Mrs. Plummer at, call the office to speak with her, or leave her a voicemail.

If your student will require medication (including over-the-counter meds) or treatments while at school, please visit our Taking Medications at School page. Students should NOT bring in medication to school. Due to the busy nature of the clinic, it is preferable if you notify the nurse of your plans to drop things off and arrange a time that is convenient.

Mrs. Plummer very much enjoys working with the students and families at Woodland and is happy to help answer questions and medical concerns.

Lakota Local Schools is fortunate to have each of our clinics managed by a full-time registered nurse. Our nurses play an essential role in the daily and chronic health needs of our students, both as a medical professional and as an advocate for safety and health of all students and staff.

Recognizing the physical, emotional, and social needs of the students enables the nurse to advocate and educate for their needs to promote optimal learning in the school setting. Health Services provides a long list of services, some of which include:

  • Daily management of the clinic and observation and reporting of health trends;
  • Administration of medications and nursing procedures as prescribed by a physician and set forth by District policy;
  • Providing first aid and referrals as needed for community resources;
  • Developing and educating emergency action plans for students with critical health needs;
  • Performing mandated vision and hearing screenings and refers for follow-up as needed;
  • Maintaining health records and immunization compliance within the state requirements; and
  • Collaborating and consulting with staff regarding student’s health concerns and needs in the school setting.

Meet Our Nurse

Laura Plummer

Laura Plummer

Laura Plummer has been a registered nurse for 34 years and has cared for the students and staff at Woodland since 2018. She is a proud graduate of Purdue University and has worked in many medical settings including surgery, endoscopy, ICU and home care. She enjoys working in the school setting and strives to keep students in school and healthy.

Robin Robinson