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Our Team

John Wise

John Wise


John Wise has been the Principal at Woodland since 2016 and in Lakota in an administrative role since 2011. His roles are numerous at Woodland; however, the root of his work is to provide a fantastic experience to the students at Woodland by supporting the kids, their teachers, and the community. His door is always open to you as it relates to all things Woodland. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

Michele Huber

Michele Huber

Assistant Principal

Michele Huber has been the Assistant Principal at Woodland since 2019. She has many roles and responsibilities, but specifically works with the Special Education department. She enjoys working with all staff and students on a daily basis to foster a caring learning environment promoting the growth of the whole child.

Kim Carlson

Innovation Specialist

Kim Carlson provides teachers with professional development and coaching related to Lakota’s initiatives on innovation and personalized learning. Kim also supports curriculum and instructional design and delivery, and the evolution of spaces such as the Innovation Hub to transform the learning experience for students. 
Kim collaborates regularly with other Lakota Innovation Specialists and with curriculum and technology departments to impact the K-12 learning experience for students.

Nannette Donoghue

Nannette Donoghue

Office Secretary

Nannette Donoghue is the Office Secretary at Woodland Elementary School. She joined the Lakota community in August 2020, bringing with her 10 years of experience in a high school office. Nannette handles attendance and student data for Woodland. She enjoys working with our students and parents as well as helping new families feel welcome.

Laura Plummer

Laura Plummer

Registered Nurse

Laura Plummer has been a registered nurse for 34 years and has cared for the students and staff at Woodland since 2018. She is a proud graduate of Purdue University and has worked in many medical settings including surgery, endoscopy, ICU and home care. She enjoys working in the school setting and strives to keep students in school and healthy.

Erin Roessner


Erin Roessner has been proudly working at Woodland since 2016. As the school counselor,. Erin meets with our students individually for a wide range of things. This can include help with organization or friendship problems. Erin also runs small groups throughout the year for social skills, as well as being present in all the classrooms helping and learning along with our students.

What Erin loves most about being a school counselor is that every day is different. Erin also loves that she gets to watch the students grow from 3rd graders to 6th graders, and see their talents and personalities flourish during their time at Woodland.

Amy Rupp

Amy Rupp

Office Manager

Amy Rupp has served the Woodland Community since 2019. Parents can contact Amy regarding all things related to students (attendance, records, grades, communication, anything).

Amy enjoys working with the students, staff, and families of Woodland.



Therapy Dog

Loxley is Woodland's Therapy Dog and has been trained, certified, and insured through Circle Tail on how to interact with children within a structured environment. Loxley has also undergone temperament and obedience training, and passed with flying colors.

Loxley brings joy to students everyday at school.