Student Videos Welcome Sixth-Graders to Ridge 

Student Videos Welcome Sixth-Graders to Ridge 
Posted on 02/15/2019
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Picture of Ridge with Caption Welcome to RidgeThe transition from sixth to seventh grade can be daunting. Ridge Junior School teacher Alexandra Cook tasked her students to help ease the way.

Cook used the video production unit in her Media Design and Communications class as an opportunity to get her students involved. The project: create a video to welcome incoming seventh graders to Ridge. She also used the project as an opportunity to encourage students to work with others with whom they may not typically interact. “I assigned them to groups and was very particular about mixing them up so that they worked with students they might not know as well,” she explained.

After Cook explained the project, the students worked with their partners to come up with any concept they liked, so long as certain parameters were met: highlighting what is different at Ridge versus an elementary school; showing something that is great about Ridge; and naming and describing the different elective options.

After developing their concepts, the students wrote scripts and storyboards to map out their projects. Ashley Reed, an eighth grader in the class, brainstormed with her group. “We thought it would be kind of cool for a sixth grader to see what it was like to go to school here,” she said. “We started with a storyboard to plan out (our idea). (We wanted to show) the Innovation Hub and all of the new and improved things you don’t get at the elementary schools,” she explained.

Many different styles were submitted, such as a newscast format with student interviews or a day-in-the-life concept. “They made it more personal to their experience at Ridge,” said Cook.

Once completed, each class viewed the videos and voted to narrow it down to the top eight. Cook created a Google form for students, staff, parents and community members to vote for their favorite. Reed’s video, co-created with Olivia Jackson, Joe Fisher and Dakota Dixon, was the ultimate winner. Click here to watch their video here. The video was shared with Ridge teachers and students during Pride Time. It will also be incorporated in the open house at the school on Feb. 11.

Reed is very happy she took the semester long class. “I’m very hands-on (and) it was very interactive,” she said. “You don’t sit, watch a presentation and take notes. It’s all projects.” Reed appreciated that while Cook gave the students an outline for each project, the students were empowered to take the concepts further and experiment if desired.

While voting is closed, you can still click here to watch the top videos created by the students.